Setting the Record Straight:

An Interview With Nathan Wiley

Nathan Wiley is the artist of lore who captured on video the bizarre spectacle of an unidentified creature, on Prince Edward Island, darting across a clearing on all fours, before reaching the woods where it then walked off like a man.

Wiley privately shared (or so he thought) his story and video with a paranormal website, only to be outed online, whereupon he was dismissed by some as the perpetrator of a hoax.

Of course there was not nearly enough detail to prove that this was a hoax, or to provide a logical explanation for how such a hoax was pulled off. In fact, the more detail you bring out of the video, the harder it is to explain away what you’re looking at. Some people think it’s just a guy running across dressed in black, flopping his arms in outsized shirt sleeves. One guy thinks it’s someone in a wheelchair used for olympic racing. One lady thinks it’s someone’s escaped, giant chimpanzee. All these theories are fraught with folly as more detail is brought out.

Whether it’s UFOs, Bigfoot, or other cryptids, many people just cannot accept the fact that there are some things in this world which defy conventional explanations. Mysterious, bizarre things that conflict with our limited logic do exist and happen. Case in point: Upon examining enhanced close ups of the face of this “PEI bigfoot”, I spent a period of time in disbelief that it was not a Bigfoot at all, but a Dogman. I never believed in Dogmen. They didn’t fit into what seemed possible in my mind. Additional detail will have to prove or disprove my assertion that the subject is actually a dogman, but one thing that is sure from these close ups is that they show something other than the face of a man. Frankly, I think what details can be made out are inconsistent with Bigfoot too. You be the Judge!

Nathan Wiley Interview – November 1st, 2015

Tell us about Prince Edward Island. What was it like growing up there?

PEI is a small province with lots going on. It was a great spot to grow up.

Did you have an interest in music at an early age? How has it been pursuing music as a career?

I’ve always had an interest in music and have been writing/composing since I was a little kid. The career part can be tough for sure, but the writing comes easy.

Tell us about the day you filmed something unexpected run from the woods. What were the circumstances surrounding it? You were filming a music video for a song of yours.

The video in question had nothing to do with music. Me and friends used to shoot lots of little movies and skits, and this was just one of them (this one never got finished). It was basically a scene where the character had escaped from the “bad guys” and was running through the woods. The reason that he looks back is because he was supposed to, because he’s trying to figure out if he’s being followed.

Take us directly into your experience of what happened on the video shoot. What was your mind processing when you saw something run across the clearing?

The only one there that got any kind of a real look at it was the camera guy. The rest of us had to wait to check out the footage.

Why did you run after it? The thing looks huge and powerful.

Prince Edward Island Cryptid

We just weren’t thinking and were trying to get more footage. All most of us knew at the time was the camera guy saw something that made him excited, so we kind of followed along.


Tell us about the wildlife and ecosystem on Prince Edward Island. What’s the extent of it? It’s been mysterious for us believers how such a large, unusual creature could be there of all places.

There are no large animals here, so we were (and still are) pretty confused as to what it is.

Do you regret coming forth with the video? You probably did not anticipate the widespread accusations of hoaxing that are flung towards those behind Bigfoot videos.

I originally posted to Art Bell’s website. I didn’t know my name (and the story) would be posted along with the video, so I do regret that part, yes.

What became of the original video? It is not in your possession.

It’s not in my possession, no. As far as I know, the camera guy still has the master. He’s expressed no interest in doing anything with it, and doesn’t want to be contacted.

What do you think of the new enhancement?

Looks great!

What did you think about the subject of Bigfoot prior to your video shoot?

I’ve always been interested in Bigfoot since I was a kid. I’m not entirely sold on what we caught on tape being a bigfoot. I couldn’t really tell you what it was.

So you have not ruled out the PEI cryptid as a hoax? Seems very difficult and impractical to pull off for a person.

I never rule anything out as a hoax. There are a lot of things that we don’t understand; I just don’t get too hung up on naming them.

Have you taken more of an interest in Sasquatch since that day by the woods?

Not really, no.

When was the video filmed/what year?

I was trying to figure that out myself…I’m going to guess sometime around 2000?

For some reason the word that traveled online was 2005, but I’ve since come to believe it was 2001, or 2000 as you say.

Yeah, it was definitely before 2005. I can remember where I was living; that’s kind of what I’m going by.

What have you been up to, and what’s next for Nathan Wiley?

I just released a six song EP called Bandits in July of this year.

Do you ever tour outside of Canada?

I have toured a little bit in the US.

How did you decide on Havana, Cuba as the shooting location for your music video, North American Dream? For US citizens like myself who can’t go to Cuba, what can you say about Havana as a place to visit?

The director of the video was actually the one that came up with the idea to go to Havana. I love Cuba, been there a few times and I always look forward to going back.

Is there a website where people can check out and purchase your music?

Nathan Wiley | ‘Bandits’ EP available now! View on

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Nathan.



Prince Edward Island Bigfoot Revisited

Wanted: 9 foot tall person that weighs several hundred pounds who runs really fast on all fours through waist high grass, in a big, bulky, gorilla costume. Subject’s arms are longer than his legs. This hoaxer was first and last seen on Prince Edward Island, Canada, in 2005, and this video definitively proves that he’s guilty of hoaxing! Reward for apprehension of this giant, deformed individual will be negotiated.