Hillary’s War: Pentagon Opposed Hillary Clinton on Regime Change in Libya

Vote for Killary! Or rather, learn instead the REAL reason for Bhengazi and more from this investigative piece.


Hillary’s War: Pentagon Opposed Hillary Clinton on Regime Change in Libya

By: Daniel Greenfield

Even Obama was less eager for war than Hillary.


As Libya continues melting down, the Washington Times’ Kelly Riddell has an important story on just how conflicted the situation was. This war a tug of war between Hillary Clinton, who wanted to bomb Libya, and the Pentagon which didn’t.

Mrs. Clinton’s main argument was that Gadhafi was about to engage in a genocide against civilians in Benghazi, where the rebels held their center of power. But defense intelligence officials could not corroborate those concerns and in fact assessed that Gadhafi was unlikely to risk world outrage by inflicting mass casualties, officials told The Times. As a result, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, strongly opposed Mrs. Clinton’s recommendation to use force.

“You should see these…

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3 thoughts on “Hillary’s War: Pentagon Opposed Hillary Clinton on Regime Change in Libya

  1. On Robert’s blog, I think you took issue with me asking why America wasn’t killing terrorists and making the world safe anymore? We’re schizo between wanting to keep the world safe, and not wanting to hurt the bad guys’ all-important **FEELINGS**! As “nuts” as Trump is, he doesn’t care about the enemies’ FEELINGS, which to me makes him a better candidate. Or as Robert would put it, choose the confident Alpha over the whinging Beta?


      1. I AM cavalier, because I don’t believe the civilians are innocent.
        When I was in basic, I was told that our enemies had to be BRED, had to be FED, and had to be LED.
        LED is probably the political and military hierarchy, BUT THE OTHER TWO are clearly being done by those “innocent” civilians.

        When we sent in TROOPS to kill terrorists in Iraq, WHO was shooting at our troops? If the civilians were “innocent”, and of course, terrorists are “No True Moslems”, they should be HAPPY we were killing the fakes for them, right?
        Instead, those “innocent” civilians kept feeding and sheltering the terrorists, letting them burn tires to bury bombs IN THE ROAD.
        The friend of my enemy is my enemy, i.e., those civilians are not “innocent” they are the enemy too!


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