Approaching Reality

On Bernie Sanders

Excellent, excellent write up on the Bernie Sanders lowdown. This guy just did my work for me, and he’s done it better than I ever could.

The point is that Bernie Sanders is a movement candidate, which is rare in American politics; but when political movements do happen, they are powerful and, indeed, revolutionary. Sanders is far from a protest candidate Eugene McCarthy, and he’s not just another Howard Dean either. A lot has changed even since 2004, and Bernie Sanders is not a standard cult of personality candidate.

Barry Goldwater is really the political model that is happening here, just on the Democratic side. Conservatives loved Goldwater because he defined what conservatives wanted in their politics: someone who was honest, and someone who would fight for their interests. It was not about Goldwater personally. Likewise with Bernie.

Sanders & Goldwater


3 thoughts on “Approaching Reality

  1. “someone who was honest, and someone who would fight for their interests.” Sounds like what Trump represents to the Conservatives, doesn’t it?


    1. Goldwater was more conservative than Trump. Goldwater was more normal as a human being whereas Trump is more of a freak show. Their personalities, style, class, and rhetoric is quite different fron each other.


      1. I’m not arguing that, but this IS the Era of Lowered Expectations:
        ·Where a football player coming out as queer or terrorist is lauded as somehow “brave”, and one coming out as Christian is drummed out!
        ·Where fighting the law and the law winning is cause for riots!
        ·The ones who SURRENDER to the police are the modern equivalent of Moriarty!
        So Trump is as close as we’re gonna get to a Conservative with any significant Level of influence.

        He may be declasse, sure, but that’s what wins these days, you have to be just as low down and dirty as your enemy. Romney lost because–in his own words–he just couldn’t bring himself to be mean to the Bum.

        And just turn on the TV, rioting thugs NOT getting punished and a fake feud between whores on some music awards shows are more important than China building staging areas full of warplanes and warships to attack America’s allies, if not America ourself!
        Declasse WINS!


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