The Media is Not Normal

….. and Bernie Sanders is. That’s the reluctant conclusion perhaps that one staff writer with the Washington Post comes to, after conceding or acknowledging that Jon Stewart is hip with the public, and that the media is not. It’s an obvious reality to those in corporate media who can see past the DC. bubble.

See video. “Hillarity”

There are a lot of problems with the media, especially on cable news and in opinion editorials. For example, the fact that all their predictions are consistently wrong follows the law of propaganda nicely.

They ALL predicted in 2003 that Howard Dean would become the Democratic nominee.

They ALL said in 2007 that Hillary Clinton would become the Democratic nominee.

These are but just 2 examples of how they were wrong, but you can easily add a couple of zeros to that for all things political. In fact, the best indicator probably of what won’t happen is by listening to what the media says will happen.

Now, in 2015 they are all saying once again that Hillary Clinton will become the Democratic nominee. So will a scandal then befall Hillary? Will she be so inept at relating to other people that she loses her support and places 3rd again in Iowa?* Anything is possible in election politics, however improbable some things may be.

Hillary has huge advantages going into this race, and yet I don’t feel like she’ll become the nominee. She just isn’t general election material. She’s not cut out to be a general election candidate for the presidency. It’s not that she can’t be the nominee, it’s just that she doesn’t fit the type … the type who pulls it off. If she becomes the nominee, it is her who will be defying the odds, not Bernie Sanders.** She has lacked the instincts to get to that point.***

Hillary is not gifted as a politician the way her husband is; she’s not even gifted to the minimal degree that most successful politicians are. She’s lucky she ran against a belligerent man for the US Senate in 2000, and got to ride the wave of her outgoing president-husband’s popularity.

Most Americans will agree with Bernie Sanders on the issues. Most Americans will relate to him being himself, and like that. Americans are parched for honesty and realness. Will Bernie win? I won’t say that he won’t. But he isn’t going to go away for the convenience of Hillary Clinton.

* In January of 2008 Hillary Clinton finished third in the Iowa Caucus, behind Barack Obama… and John Edwards.

** Long story short, Bernie is popular.

*** 1) I’m far from alone in believing that she missed her moment – which was 2004. As someone once asked John F. Kennedy in 1959 while he was preparing for his presidential run, why he was running for the presidency already, Kennedy answered “When you’re hot, you’re hot.” When asked, “Why don’t you wait your turn and play it safe?” He answered, “No. Others will come. They will forget about me.” Unfortunately, Barack Obama came to understand this phenomena of timing, which is why he announced he was running for President just 2 years and 1 month after becoming a United States Senator.
2) Hillary voted for George Bush’s Iraq War resolution. This was not a vote of conscience. It was a strategy to help her look tough on national security, and it backfired. She then doubled down on her mistake by standing by her vote during the 2008 presidential run. The strategy there was to be resolute and to not appear weak. Instead, she just appeared more wrong.
3) She voted for the Patriot Act. Again, she thought that going along with the herd was the bad ass thing to do, because we were going to war and had to make changes! This would not be the last time that she’d play reckless with the nation’s future for self-serving interests.

“For not going with the flow, and for challenging Hillary Clinton, the big fish many elites have tagged as their own, Sanders’s entry into the race was greeted with story after story whose message—stated or understated, depending on the decorum of the messenger—was “This crank can’t win.” The trouble with this consensus is the paucity of evidence to support it. “This crank actually could win” is nearer the mark. But having settled on a prophecy, the media went about covering Sanders so as to fulfill it.”
“The foregoing would be woeful enough even were it true that Sanders has almost no chance of winning, but it’s not true.”

5 thoughts on “The Media is Not Normal

  1. The Bum and Hillary fought–the Bum won, and she became his administration’s loyal lapdog, even deleting her own E-Mails so the reality wouldn’t embarrass the administration!

    I was hoping you’d have something more scathing about the media in this article. Something like two whores having a fake feud at a self-congratulatory awards ceremony having more importance than China building artificial islands to attack our allies–and possibly US–from? Or the media having already wrote it out as if Hillary already won, and they’re not gonna allow another “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment?

    Then again, Hillary already thinks SHE has won, so the delusion is maintained.
    Remember, this is a woman who doesn’t want to call Boko Haram a terrorist group!
    She wants us to “trust her” that no E-Mails “vital to the investigation” were deleted. DESPITE LITERALLY BREAKING THE LAW BY USING HER OWN SERVER, NOT THE GOVERNMENT’S SERVER!
    Exactly how stupid does she think we…Oh, wait, we elected the Bum a second time, despite it promising it wouldn’t run again if it didn’t fix the economy…
    And if you use “fix” in the slang meaning of “sabotage”, the Bum lived up to the promises!
    “Yes We Can”–as in “Yes We Can” have a “recession” worse than the Great Depression 80 years ago, and make it WORSE by importing 1/3 of Mexico’s population and 1/5 of El Salvador’s, then scratch our heads why America is getting poorer and more violent as we let in more poor and violent people, right?


    1. I know, I visited those links, BUT I can’t for the life of me find Sanders even HINTING about closing the borders.
      We can’t have a viable Socialist ANYTHING, let alone Healthcare, unless we shut the borders or otherwise ENSURE Americans will only be paying for other Americans.

      And if Sanders is anything like serious about the horrible “income inequality”, he needs to do some soul searching, or at least statistic searching and see if he can find some link between number of illegals and wages staying the same or DROPPING for honest workers in the past ~30 years.

      If Global Warming IS caused by humans, then we need to keep excess “humans” out of America, right? They can do a LOT MORE DAMAGE to the environment HERE than in their own country, especially if we GIVE them a free house, free car, and subsidize their destructive mega-breeding. Very few have bothered to look up the recommendations to Clinton by Nelson Gaylord (Founder of Earth Day) and a few others on making America sustainable. FIRST AND FOREMOST was STOPPING the massive population growth of America. And since whites have been at or below Replacement Reproduction since 1954, that puts the blame squarely on illegals, right?
      Clinton did exactly what I expected: Round-filed (trashed) the report, celebrated another Amnesty for more ungrateful illegals who don’t bother assimilating, but that’s OK as long as they vote Democrat, right?

      And his “practical” solution for student debt is to make tuition “free” for people who maintain a certain GPA? When I hear a politician talking “free”, I instinctively grab my wallet, because I’m going to be the one tapped to pay for the “free”. But the recipient doesn’t care about the distinction between “free” and “paid for by EVERYONE ELSE”, so that’s buying votes with their betters’ money, right? Why can’t they work their way through college like I had to?
      It’s TOO HARD? Or is it because excessive TAXES and EPA regs have chased away all the businesses so they CAN’T work their way and NEED the Government to “gimme dat”?


    2. Never mind
      Bernie’s IN FAVOR of the illegals, and like so many others, is “scared” to even CALL illegals “illegals” because it HURTS THEIR FEELINGS!
      Also, Sanders talks about his Socialism as that practiced by Scandinavian countries, but he forgets:
      1.) Homogenous population
      2.) Small population
      3.) Almost ALL PRODUCTIVE population!
      Which of these three conditions is missing in America?


    3. Stop the deportation machine separating families
      End the 34,000 bed mandates
      End the 287(g) program racially profiling immigrants and people of color
      Defund the overblown and ineffective Department of Homeland Security
      Incorporate voices of undocumented immigrants who are directly impacted by the policy
      Broaden the protections for undocumented LGBTQ communities
      Provide much needed help for unaccompanied children who fled the extreme violence and poverty.
      Expand health-care coverage for undocumented immigrants who are excluded from the Affordable Care Act.

      These points, if implemented, would help illegals get MORE undeserved access to America’s resources and Government–and finish off whatever is left of America!
      Especially “incorporate voices of the illegals directly impacted by policies”–really? Let CRIMINALS tell us what our policies against crime should be?


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