Conspiracies Don’t Happen and It’s a Sin To Speculate That They Do

It should be apparent that this is a strange and silly statement to make, that is, if it were made sincerely. It’s not. Rather, it’s my mockery of the mainstream media and its minions who keep it in business.

The reality is that this is exactly how the media carries itself … that conspiracies don’t happen, and if you so much as speculate that they do, you’re pariah and will be ostracized accordingly. You think conspiracies happen? In this great country? How dare you!

Where does this bizarre mentality come from? Well, obviously the media are the face and voice of it. Who are the media? People who report for corporations on tv, in print, and online. By nature of this mechanism the media are embedded with the government. What does the government do? Lie. Does our government have a record of lying? Consistently. Is the corporate media indeed privy to corruption within the US  government? Often. So where is the media’s outrage and reporting on this corruption – the secrets, replete with lies and illegality? Minimal to non-existent.

There are no UFOS. There has never been drug trafficking on the part of federal agencies. The government does not conspire to subvert the constitution. No citizen who has stood up to the US government has ever been assassinated by it. Nothing problematic about the cases of Jack, Bobby, and Martin save for the daydreams of lunatics. What is a lunatic? Someone who doesn’t take the government’s word on any given controversy. War crimes? Nah. Congress and the media will see to it that you’re overreacting. Wall Street? No crimes to solve here. Never in the US of A. Just those pesky, indigent thugs with dark skin victimizing our gun-toting police. It’s post 9-11, baby. Any one of those people could be a terrorist!

7 thoughts on “Conspiracies Don’t Happen and It’s a Sin To Speculate That They Do

  1. Conspiracy theories only happen because people have a baseline intelligence. And when we see people who proclaim loudly how much smarter than us they are doing something INCREDIBLY stupid, we start thinking, “They can’t REALLY be this stupid, there’s gotta be an angle”.

    The Bum went to Harvard, although he’s spent TENS OF MILLIONS hiding his transcripts and any of the rest of his past. His “birth certificate” that he showed was clearly forged. Might as well have left a crayon in frame!
    BUT how can someone THIS MUCH SMARTER than us do so many stupid things–then run again and do even MORE stupid things that ruin America’s economy, military, and international standing? UNLESS the Bum isn’t STUPID, it’s doing these things on PURPOSE! After all, the Bum DID promise to “Reduce America’s International Footprint”.
    How better to do that than breaking our economy, stab our allies in the back, and try to curry favor with countries that have been our enemy for longer than the Bum’s been alive?
    And hey, what about pulling the plug on our anti-nuclear missile defense system?
    Or paying $140 BILLION to Iran for a PROMISE on their part not to develop nukes. They couldn’t be lying to us like North Korea did, right?

    What’s that saying about “Fool Us Twice” again?

    How about encouraging our OWN unsavory elements to be as nasty and violent as they’ve always wanted to be, but were afraid of getting reprisal for?
    How about bringing in tens of MILLIONS of people so worthless and violent even MEXICO doesn’t want them–at the worst unemployment we’ve had in 80 years, i.e., we can least afford them?
    How about showing absolute CONTEMPT not only for American culture and tradition (Vis. “Bitter Clingers” speech), but the “Founders” (No longer even worthy of the “respect” of calling them “Founding Fathers”) vision for America is all WRONG, and “deserves” to be replaced wholesale by the Bum’s, which is some sort of savage-dominated criminal gulag?

    Nope, we’re supposed to believe these are not part of some evil plan, just a series of INCREDIBLY stupid mistakes that make “stupid, incompetent” Bush look like a cyborg genius, right?


      1. Then I misunderstood it completely. What do you mean about “Jack, Bobby, and Martin”?
        I hope you’re not talking about TRAYVON Martin, the thug that thought it could jump someone it only SUSPECTED of being queer, break the road with that someone’s head and ended up being DEAD wrong? You know it could’ve been smeared posthumously as a Hate CRIMINAL, rather than “victim”, if Zimmerman had been a little quicker on the draw IN COURT, not just IN COMBAT!


      2. Also, what do you mean by “war crimes”? Are there a set of rules we’re supposed to follow in war? When have the bad guys EVER held to rules? We make terrorists’ heads soggy, they make captives’ heads DETACHED!
        If you look at it that way, the terrorists are just criminals that really, really, really, resist arrest. How are we supposed to MAKE them come along peacefully, other than just shooting the ones that attack us? Or do you LIKE more closed-casket ceremonies?


      3. Those people who attack the cops, get killed for it, and burn down American cities, ARE terrorists, almost by definition, seeking to create social and political change by terrorizing civilians, right?
        Their Ultimate Hero is the narcissistic thug who got away with murder, OJ Simpson!
        Robert Lindsay already wrote a long article about it:

        The bottom line is that antiracism criticizes good people for attacking the behavior of bad people. It’s racist for good people to defend themselves against bad people – I assume we are supposed to let them kill us to prove earn our antiracist stripes in the afterlife. Anti-racism attacks people from good, competent, successful cultures for attacking lousy, incompetent and failed cultures. Once again, it punishes the good for attacking the bad.
        Sounds like something I wrote on a whole other Website, before I MET Lindsay!


  2. By “Jack, Bobby and Martin”, I mean JFK, MLK, and RFK. Only liberal leaders have been cut down. Imagine if it were Nixon, Reagan and Bush 1 who were killed. Assassinations have consequences.


    1. Someone DID try to cut down Reagan, and not for political motivations, but to impress Jodie Foster!

      Thing is, those who get elected made promises to powerful, dangerous people, they DON’T get a warm handshake and hearty Fare-Thee-Well!

      That’s why I personally support Trump so much, he doesn’t HAVE to make promises to everybody, he can tell these deal-makers to go shove it!


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