Casual Musings on Political Lameness

A few concerns I’ve been having …..

1) The Intelligence Community is hellbent on having war with Russia, not just with ISIS, unbelieveable as that may sound. The “IC” have been in an active process of influencing the Executive and legislative branches to support and proceed with such action.

2) The IC, with the CIA at its center, controls the mainstream media at large, incredible as that may sound. They work hand in hand with the CIA in promoting military action as the standard approach towards US foreign policy.

3) The CIA manipulates its information to the government, from the President on down with flat out lies. The CIA has two CIA’s in a sense: The secretive one as we understand it to be, where real intel is gathered and disseminated.  And the 2nd CIA is the one that it presents to the rest of the government – it’s propaganda wing, designed to influence and set US foreign policy.

4) The US public keeps sucking up all the lies it’s fed; it’s like 2002-2003 with Iraq all over again.

5) Hillary Clinton is running for the Presidency pretty much unopposed. She’s primed to be a good soldier for the corporate and Intelligence community takeover of the United States.


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